1-6 patches ship for $1 within the USA, or $2 to anywhere else!


Short woman fencing outdoors against a taller partner. She is wearing a dark blue gambeson, black tights, steel gauntlets and a steel helmet, and using a half-swording technique in an upper guard.

Hi, I'm Carrie Patrick. Ardimento is owned and operated by me, as a small side business. I started it up in July 2021 after I saw people on Facebook saying it would be cool to have sew-on patches about ringen and other WMA/HEMA techniques.

Ardimento, or Audatia - which can be translated as courage, passion, heart, audacity - is one of the four essential qualities for anyone who wishes to use a sword, according to the late 14th century master Fiore dei Liberi. As a fencer, I am not much good at the other three qualities (speed, strength, and prudence) so I decided Ardimento would be a good name for a company I started overnight for fun.

My goal is to create and sell a good variety of sew-on patches relevant to topics and techniques of the Western Martial Arts and Historical European Martial Arts community. This will also include designs celebrating themes of diversity and inclusion in our hobby.

Designs are drawn by me based on images from medieval and Renaissance manuscripts, and production is done via a Florida-based company. I pack and ship all orders myself from Arvada, Colorado. Orders will usually be mailed out the morning after they are received.

Contact me

Use the form below for general inquiries. Please note that this is a one-person part-time business that I'm mostly handling on weekday evenings, but in most cases I will be able to get back to you within a day.